the ramblings of a blessed mom

Eleven years ago today at 5:59 pm God blessed me with the most awesome gift. Her name is Ariel, “Lioness of God”. Her character stands true to the meaning of her name. She continues to bless me every day in a multitude of ways. I thank God for that blessing.

Some days I wonder, what am I here for? What is my purpose? Questions I don’t really have any substantial answer to. I’m not a scientist on the verge of discovering some great cure for cancer. I’m not inventing an item that will make life easier for millions of people. I don’t really know. But as I ponder these questions, I have to think that I am here for some “purpose”.  Maybe, it is to be a great Mom to Ariel. To teach her how to be a kind, generous and sweet person… Wait, she has taught me those things!

Maybe, it is just to love her as a blessing from God. Who knows, maybe one day she will discover a cure or invent something great! Either way, I’m one blessed Mom!

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