road trip

Last weekend we all piled in the G35 leaving the rain and hail behind, heading south to Springdale.  There’s nothing like heading out on the open road…I always think I will read or watch a movie on my laptop. Instead, I always find myself listening to my favorite music. Singing loud and looking out the window, amazed at the beauty on the way! Utah is a beautiful state!

We’re headed to Springdale to celebrate our friends 25th anniversary…. their daughter Olivia is with us. Friday evening finds us celebrating with a BBQ dinner, live music by the happy couple and lots of children enjoying the beautiful weather, a rope swing and large yard! Later, a short walk from our friends house to the Cliff Rose Inn and we’re ready for sleep!

Saturday morning has us headed for a hike with friends up the Watchman Trail in Zion National Park. Our hotel is right at the entrance to the park so no driving necessary! The weather is wonderful. I love nature so as usual I am taking pictures of plants, creatures, kids… The hike to the top comes in just under an hour with a quick hike back down. Near the bottom of the trail we met a lizard… now we’ve seen many lizards since the hike started. They always scurry in a hurry when you approach but not this guy…  This lizard was a total “HAM”. He would take a couple of steps then stop and I swear he was posing for me! I got a few great shots. He would take a few more steps, climb up a rock and wait for me to snap a shot! Well, enough of that… now we’re headed to the pool for a couple of hours. I could get used to this!

The pool is so peaceful and relaxing with the beautiful red rock mountains in the backdrop… a lazy waterfall right behind our lounge chairs. Lunch at the pool from the nearby Whiptail Grill… “fire asada tacos” delicious!  Ariel and Whitney are loving the cool water of the pool. Kenny, Nancy and Me chillin. Seriously… I could stay here for a while.

The ceremony celebrating the first 25 years and celebrating the years to come was absolutely fun… It is so apparent how much Bill and Diana love each other. A beautiful “garden wedding” per say. The musicians that they are, Bill sang to Diana. In return Diana sang a beautiful song to Bill in Italian. How romantic! A wonderful dinner, more music and more of the kids (and the adults) enjoying themselves. Smores around the fire pit.  Too bad we have to leave this peaceful , relaxing place tomorrow.

Sunday morning… time for coffee and a muffin while soaking up some rays at the pool. A quick brunch at Bill and Dianas. All too soon it is time to leave. Back in the G35… music up, sunroof open, back on the road.



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