Things for mothers and daughters to do together

This is what this mom blog is all about. Share your ideas with other moms around the world things you love to do with your daughter or daughters. It doesn’t have to be anything complex, just something you feel that is rewarding and enriches the relationship between you and you daughter.

things for mothers and daughters to do

road trip

Last weekend we all piled in the G35 leaving the rain and hail behind, heading south to Springdale.  There’s nothing like heading out on the open road…I always think I will read or watch a movie on my laptop. Instead, I always find myself listening to my favorite music. Singing loud and looking out the window, amazed at the beauty on the way! Utah is a beautiful state!

We’re headed to Springdale to celebrate our friends 25th anniversary…. their daughter Olivia is with us. Friday evening finds us celebrating with a BBQ dinner, live music by the happy couple and lots of children enjoying the beautiful weather, a rope swing and large yard! Later, a short walk from our friends house to the Cliff Rose Inn and we’re ready for sleep!

Saturday morning has us headed for a hike with friends up the Watchman Trail in Zion National Park. Our hotel is right at the entrance to the park so no driving necessary! The weather is wonderful. I love nature so as usual I am taking pictures of plants, creatures, kids… The hike to the top comes in just under an hour with a quick hike back down. Near the bottom of the trail we met a lizard… now we’ve seen many lizards since the hike started. They always scurry in a hurry when you approach but not this guy…  This lizard was a total “HAM”. He would take a couple of steps then stop and I swear he was posing for me! I got a few great shots. He would take a few more steps, climb up a rock and wait for me to snap a shot! Well, enough of that… now we’re headed to the pool for a couple of hours. I could get used to this!

The pool is so peaceful and relaxing with the beautiful red rock mountains in the backdrop… a lazy waterfall right behind our lounge chairs. Lunch at the pool from the nearby Whiptail Grill… “fire asada tacos” delicious!  Ariel and Whitney are loving the cool water of the pool. Kenny, Nancy and Me chillin. Seriously… I could stay here for a while.

The ceremony celebrating the first 25 years and celebrating the years to come was absolutely fun… It is so apparent how much Bill and Diana love each other. A beautiful “garden wedding” per say. The musicians that they are, Bill sang to Diana. In return Diana sang a beautiful song to Bill in Italian. How romantic! A wonderful dinner, more music and more of the kids (and the adults) enjoying themselves. Smores around the fire pit.  Too bad we have to leave this peaceful , relaxing place tomorrow.

Sunday morning… time for coffee and a muffin while soaking up some rays at the pool. A quick brunch at Bill and Dianas. All too soon it is time to leave. Back in the G35… music up, sunroof open, back on the road.



my little "ham"




mini pasta frittatas

What do you do with all of the leftover spaghetti noodles from dinner last night? Here’s a great way to use those noodles and create a great lunch box item or a great after school snack for the little ones. I actually got the idea from an episode of Rachael Ray but I changed the ingredients. Here’s what you’ll need

  • leftover spaghetti noodles
  • 4 eggs
  • 1/4 cup milk or half and half
  • 1/2 cup grated cheese, your favorite or a blend
  • fresh spinach leaves, chopped
  • lunchmeat ham, chopped
  • salt, pepper and any  family favorite seasoning ( I love Spike Seasoning in eggs)

*Some different options could be cherry tomatoes, small broccoli florets, mushrooms, etc.

Place spaghetti noodles in paper lined or baking cup sprayed with non- stick vegetable spray. Add in a sprinkle of ham, spinach and cheese. Whisk together eggs, milk and seasoning. Pour or ladle egg mixture into muffin cup to fill almost to the top. Bake at 375° for 15 -18 minutes or until set and lightly golden.
You can make this a fun event with the kids… let them help fill the cups with their favorite items. You can use whatever kinds of veggies, cheese, meat that your kids like. They are always more willing to eat the fun foods that they have helped to create! For re-heating, simply microwave  about 30 seconds.  What a great way to send a healthy, fun lunch to school for your kids!



Valentines Day is just a couple of days away…  If you haven’t already bought Valentines cards for  your kids class, why not hand make them? Ariel and I went to Michaels Craft Store and bought assorted scrapbooking pages, beautiful papers and Valentine stickers.

We made cards for all of her classmates. It was a wonderful and fun afternoon spent together. Ariel always loves to do craft projects and this was a perfect way to have fun and give each classmate a card made especially for them!


time for a pedicure

I took Ariel and her friend Marea for pedicures just before Christmas. We left the salon that day with our toes decked out in red for the holidays and our legs feeling as energized as the color on our toes! There’s a lot to be said for relaxing in a massage chair while soaking your tired feet in peppermint infused water. Follow that with a scrub, massage with hot stones and then a dip in some hot wax. Mmmm…I think its time for a repeat visit!

not your average chip

Kale chips. Yes, that’s what I said kale chips! Kale is so incredibly healthy. The nutritional value in a serving of Kale is off the food chain! (Being possibly the most extreme form of the term “off the chain”, ‘off the food chain’ is used to describe a situation where every aspect of it is completely dope & radical.) Kale is loaded with vitamins… One cup has 684% daily value of vitamin K and 206% A. Other vitamins include B6, folate, thiamin, niacin, and pantothenic acid. Kale is also rich in minerals… including manganese, copper, potassium, calcium and iron.

Ariel is not really a vegetable girl. So imagine my surprise when it turns out that she loves kale chips! You may have a picky little eater at home or you just might like to have them as a healthy, nutritious and low calorie snack. So easy to make…. and if you want a little quality time with the kids, let them help tear the kale into pieces and toss with the seasoning. (Bonus, kids are more likely to try something they helped to make!)

Preheat oven to 300°. Soak kale in a large bowl of water, letting dirt fall to the bottom. Remove and rinse well. Shake and let dry on towels. Cut kale into small pieces, removing stem. Toss cut kale in a large bowl with olive oil. Season with your favorite spice, salt and pepper. Ariel really likes it seasoned with Spike seasoning if you can find it. I liked it with nutmeg. Experiment to your liking! Spread oiled and seasoned kale  in one layer onto baking sheet. Bake until crispy about 15 minutes, maybe a little longer.

Enjoy and have no guilt about eating your not so average chips!

*Note… If you are taking prescription anticoagulants you should consult with your doctor before consuming large quantities of kale.

fun at the fall festival

IMG_0502It’s fall. Everywhere you look the leaves are turning red and yellow. The air is more crisp. There’s a fall festival going on somewhere. What are you waiting for? Here’s something fun to do spending quality time together. Ariel’s school had a fall festival complete with teachers in the dunking booth, which absolutely was the place to be. First, down goes the School Headmaster. Next his assistant. Moving right along to the P.E. teacher. Just when you thought the kids couldn’t have more fun than that… the teachers were done with the dunking booth and the kids got to have a turn! There was also face painting; potato sack races; a cake walk and so much more. A fun day was had by all!IMG_0512


a night at the theatre

IMG_0553When I was a child my favorite movie came on once a year. This classic was a favorite of many and still is…The Wizard of Oz. I remember being so excited waiting for it to come on the TV. What a movie, a mix of fairytale and fantasy with a little spooky mixed in! “I’ll get you my pretty, and your little dog too”! I’m not sure which is my favorite character, Dorothy. Scarecrow. The Cowardly Lion… I love them all. Well, it’s still one of my favorite movies today. The Grand Theatre here in Salt Lake City had a theatre production this weekend. Once again, like a kid, I was so excited to take Ariel to see it. We had her friend Lina with us. We made an evening of it, out to dinner and then on to the theatre. First row in the balcony, not the worst seats considering I almost forgot to order my tickets! Actually, it’s a small theatre so we were able to see really well! The cast put on a wonderful production…even Toto did a great job! What a nice way to bring back good childhood memories all while making new memories with my own child. A great evening was had by all. One last thing…my favorite line from the movie? Of course, “There’s no place like home”. What’s yours?IMG_0552

pizza night

photoPizza night. No, not takeout pizza night. A new and better pizza night. This falls into so many categories on my blog. Things for mothers and daughters to do together; quality time; kid friendly foods and in a rush – quick and easy recipes! There’s something great about  family spending time together in the kitchen. It can be as grand as you like spending all day preparing a holiday meal or a theme night with lots of new recipes. It can also be as simple as hanging out around the bar putting your favorite toppings on your own personal pizza!

For the crust, I just purchase naan bread which as an Indian flatbread. This should be available at most grocery stores, I get mine at Walmart supercenter. If you can’t find naan bread or if you just prefer, you can use pita bread (not the pocket kind). I just prepare a platter with all of our favorite toppings. Get the whole family involved in washing the vegetables, slicing and placing on the platter. The toppings are endless. Instead of tomato sauce, I like to use  chopped fresh tomatoes…all varieties, orange sunburst cherry tomatoes are excellent used here. You can use grape tomatoes, roma, whatever you like…mix them up!  I get pepperoni sliced fresh at the deli, super thin. You only need 1/4 to 1/3 of a pound for 4-6 people. Some other favorite toppings at our house…fresh mozzarella, mushrooms, basil and red bell pepper.

When all of the toppings are sliced, diced and ready, have everyone start by brushing a little olive oil on their naan bread and let the toppings begin! Place all of the prepared pizzas on baking sheets or a pizza stone really works nice if you have one. Place in a preheated oven at 400°. Bake till cheese is melted and bubbly…this only takes about six minutes. Quick, easy, fun and delicious for the whole family. What night is gonna be your “new” pizza night?photophoto

sandwich book report

photoSchool is going strong again… We’ve already had one week so busy, full of posters and projects. This week’s project was a book report. Not your typical book report, but one that might just make you hungry in the process! A sandwich book report. No, not a report about a sandwich. Just a book report made onto a sandwich! Actually, this made for a very fun project that gave Me and Ariel some good quality time together. It was your normal book report; author, characters, story line etc. But each thing was put onto a different ingredient on the sandwich with the freedom to be creative. We made a bun out of a half circle of florists foam covered with tan felt. A hamburger patty out of textured reddish brown felt. A cheese slice from yellow foam craft sheet. red and orange felt tomatoes. Onion from white felt and the lettuce was on green cardstock glued to ruffled green tissue paper. A toothpick announcing a “Sandwich Book Report” By: Ariel Johnson. What a great way to spend an evening together and hopefully she’ll get an A for her effort and creativity!



what to do today

IMG_0304One of those days when there seems to be nothing to do? They come along quite often during summer break from school. This summer my great niece was here visiting so I had two girls with nothing to do! So after much thought and ideas…here’s a fun project we came up with. A Diorama. Our dioramas were a nature theme but you could do anything you could imagine! Some theme ideas could be  underwater ocean, circus, flower gardens. All you need is a shoebox and whatever you have around the house to go with your theme. Remember ours was a nature theme. We took a short walk around the yard and collected rocks, pinecones, leaves and twigs. We cut photos out of old magazines. For the finishing touch, the girls added some zoo animals and little pet shop animals. The girls had a great time making these and it was a wonderful way to spend a little “free time” together!