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i hear the sound of fall

Ariel wrote a poem for English class in school this week. I just wanted to share it with you. I think she captured the essence of the joy of Fall on a windy day. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did!

I Hear the Sound of Fall

By : Ariel Johnson

September is like a burst of colorful leaves

The sky was blue

I watched as the wind blew through

The leaves all lying on the ground

Then burst into the air and now are found

The breeze felt good but now it changed

And now the amber leaves are not the same

The orange and magenta leaves are once again surrounding me

And then I see a buzzing bee

crepes and chili

crepes-and-chiliSo it’s Saturday morning just after 9:30 am. Dina is at work, which she pretty much has been all week since there are millions of people in town for Presidents week. (It may not be MILLIONS but it is hundreds of thousands.) The newspaper said rentals were expected to be at 100% for the week.
So anyway, this left Ariel and I alone this morning at the house. It’s snowing outside which is good because we’re planning on going skiing tomorrow when hopefully most of the visitors have gone home. Does that sound bad?!?! We got about a foot last night and it’s still going at about a half inch per hour right now. We’ve cleared 3 feet of snow off our deck, 3 times this season, plus there’s over a foot out there now, meaning over 10 feet of snow so far.
I keep getting off track! Dina made homemade crepes the other morning for breakfast, she’s going to blog about that one of these days. Apparently they were amazing, she and Ariel raved about them. I didn’t have any because I’m not really a breakfast person. I’ve been that way all my life. I remember when I started racing, (at Ariel’s age as a matter of fact) we would be on the way out to the desert or the racetrack and I would have a Slim Jim or some kind of hot pepperoni stick for breakfast.
Dina and Ariel planned ahead and made extra crepes, just the flat bread stuff, whatever that is called. You know, like a thin pancake. The plan was for me to make crepes for Ariel for breakfast today. I started getting the stuff out of the fridge to make them and Ariel ended up taking charge. I was spreading the strawberry jelly around like you do on toast and apparently, that’s not how you make a crepe! She globbed the jelly up a bit in the middle and then folded the flat pancake thing over twice just like I guess Dina does. Then she decided to make the other one with grape jelly. She made sure there was plenty of jelly and then expertly folded this one. I nuked them both for about 40 seconds, then Ariel topped them with strawberries, blackberries and whipped creme! In the meantime, I had gotten (is that a word?) the left over chili from supper last night and put some in a pan with some leftover rice. Of course, I added some special nuclear chili seasoning to the mix that a friend of mine used to send me every Christmas. Dina won’t even use it because it’s too hot to eat. I ate the concoction which made me think about writing this blog, realizing just how much Ariel is growing up and I am NOT.
Needless to say, Ariel and I had a great morning together. Now she’s begging for a play date with any of her friends! Oh well, we had a nice hour anyway!


Today my family and I went on a hike . It was probably the best hike  I have ever done . We went to Mirror Lake and hiked real high . It was so fun . I loved it and there was a humungo water fall .

My FrIeNdS

At school we play tag , we play freese tag , we play were theres a person and a animal  and the person finds the animal and brings it home , “Hmm.”Sometimes we play firer ball witch is were you have a ball and you try to throw a ball at someone  and if you do your it , we sometimes play on halloween were Andi pertends to be a vampire and I pretend to be her kitty cat . During summer we sometimes like to go to the pool . Sometimes we go to the movies on ice but we hardly go there . And sometimes I invite my friends over to my house and we get in my plastic pool the kind you buy at the storer is the kind I have . Sometimes we play out on my rocks in my yard .

dads - spend time with your daughters

daddys-and-daughtersFootball, baseball, hockey, basketball. It’s a natural for dads to hang out and have fun with their son’s. We know how it is to be a boy (some of us still are) and so it comes naturally. But when it comes time for dads to spend time with their daughters, sometimes they can struggle. My daughter Ariel is now 8 years old and I still don’t know how to put in a pony tail holder. (I probably never will!)

So here’s the deal dads: The time you spend with your daughters will form their view on the male species for the rest of their lives. What they come to know and expect from their dads will become the basis for their interaction and relationships with males in the future. Your daughter doesn’t care what she does with you, she just wants you to spend time with her and show her you care. Dad’s don’t have to play Barbies, Polly Pocket, Littlest Pet Shop or any of that stuff that may seem too girlish. But you can still spend time together.

Ariel and I will many times play a great game that a buddy of mine introduced to me  years ago; Pass The Pigs. It’s a really great game that uses little rubber pigs as dice. (My friend and I used to play Pass the Pigs with another friend while hanging out eating sushi and drinking saki and Sapporro.) Ariel and I will play this game, sometimes for a few minutes, sometimes for hours. The game involves a little bit of math, adding up your scores as you go, so we use it as a fun time to improve my daughters math skills while we enjoy our time together.

We also love taking hikes together. We live in Park City, Utah, a place that really promotes outdoor living and healthy lifestyles. Sometimes these “hikes” are really just a 1 mile walk down the street and back. But sometimes, they are real hikes, spanning the course of a couple of hours and covering 4 or 5 miles. These are great times where I get to know my daughter and she she gets to know her dad.

me and my daddy

I know this website is supposed to be about mommy’s and daughters, but I wanted to talk a little about me and my daddy.

My daddy and I like to play pass the pigs together.It   helps you get better at math. You have to pig dice.If you get two dots or no two dots you get 1 point.If you get two razor backs you get 20  points.If you get one razor back it is 5 points. If you get a pig out when its your first time going you lose all your points but if your on your 5th or something you just don’t get any points on that turn.If you get a snouter you get 10 points.If you get a leaning jouler you get 15 points.

spending time with my mommy

Me  and  my  mommy  love  to  watch  movies together. Sometimes we watch Indiana Jones or maybe Nim’s Island or sometimes Scooby-Doo number one and two, maybe Nancy Drew! But my very favorite to watch with my mommy is Up Town Girls! My mommy and me also like to do art together . I love  to paint lots of pictures. I paint cats, dogs,rainbows,ponies,bunnies,pigs,the sun,clouds and guinea pigs. I like to paint them not like normal ones. Normal guinea pigs are sometimes brown but the ones I paint are pink and blue.