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Dina is the founder of Mommies and Daughters - Blog For Mom's

Dina is the founder of Mommies and Daughters - Blog For Mom's

mommies and daughters.com, the blog for mom’s and daughters!

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Hi, I’m Dina, the founder of Mommies and Daughters.com, the blog dedicated exclusively to mom’s with daughters and daughters with mom’s. (Well, dads with daughters are here too.)

You know, today most households either have two working parents or only single parents. That can put a strain on relationships with our children. With all the things going on in the world and the easy access of information through TV and the internet, it’s more important than ever that we maintain a strong relationship with our children and find way’s to spend time with them. That’s why I started this website and blog devoted specifically for mothers and daughters.

It may seem like for moms to spend more time with their daughters is a tough thing to ask. Mommies and Daughters is a blog devoted to helping you find ways to spend higher quality time with your children by inviting them in to your daily activities, things that you’re doing anyway. Like grocery shopping, going to the post office or any other errands you may need to accomplish throughout your hectic day. Finding ways to make these times special is exactly what Mommies and Daughters is about.

We invite all the moms out there to voice their thoughts, ideas and opinions on how they find ways to spend quality time with their children and post those ideas on our mommies and daughters blog. Our hope is that these ideas and insights will help to inspire moms all over the world to find ways to develop that special relationship that only mothers and daughters can have.

Remember, every person needs to have relationships with other people. It’s a basic human need. So ask yourself this; If your daughter is not in a quality and satisfying relationship with her mother, who is she going to choose? It’s a scary thought, but something you need to make sure you consider.

Thanks for visiting Mommies and Daughters.com. We hope you’ll find it informational, inspiring and warming. We invite you to share freely your thoughts and ideas with all the other moms visiting this blog, no matter how simple or obvious that thought or idea might seem.

One of the most important relationships is that between a mother and her daughter. Make sure you cherish and value that one of a kind experience.